• workflow development for optimal process management
  • creation of web based user interfaces
  • platform free mobile application development
  • integrated web and mobile solutions


The Slot Solutions framework system helps you to achieve
the following aims:

  • more time efficient operations by automated and/or manual
    mobile bases process tracking
  • geographical process tracking by using mobile based inputs
    integrated into a web based solution


  • management control system, financial accounting
  • logistics, warehousing, wholesale activities
  • transport solutions
  • other areas on demand


  • Development of a new Aircraft IT architecture
    SELEX, Italy

  • Airport IT system
    BluSky Services, Belgium

  • Specification of a new turnaround management system
    Jeppesen, Germany

  • Web based integrated quiz development
    University of Patras, Greece

Who we are

Slot Consulting Ltd. is a Hungarian SME participating in several international R&D projects mainly in the field of aeronautics since 15 years now.

Due to the frequently emerging IT needs while participating in various projects the company has decided to form its own IT related division named Slot Solutions. The goal of the division is to create a clean IT portfolio and based on that offer IT solutions to its partners in various fields.

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or other feedback related to our services, please contact us to discuss. We’re always happy to provide further details on our services or a free project estimate.

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